September 20, 2010

Artist Profile: Joseph Deiss

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It’s not often you can point at a photographer’s work and say it’s truly unique, but that is certainly the case with artist/photographer Joseph Deiss.  He works with a photographic wet process, and the pieces he produces are simply like nothing we’ve ever seen, with a feel that is truly ethereal.  We just scanned four of his most recent works with the Cruse, which he will assemble to create a mural-sized print.

We can only hope to have a chance to see this amazing work on display- hopefully soon!

See more of his work on his site, here:

He had some kind words for our work as well:
“Thanks for the compliment…  However I have to say that the 4 panels of the piece you scanned were great! The 17 images in “flora & fauna” were a labor of love that took over 8 years. The latest piece I finished took 7 months.

These new scans from your Cruse scanner is going to save an immense amount of time. Artifacts (in the files of these particular type of photograms) caused by scanning from a “normal” scanner were, I thought, a fact of life. I’m looking at only a few weeks worth of work from your scan!

Ah! Life is good. Many thanks… Joseph”

-Ted Dillard

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