January 1, 2010

About the Author

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Ted Dillard is a veteran commercial photographer, digital imaging evangelist, teacher and author.  From the Pixel Institute at EP Levine, to his current classes at Northeastern University in Boston, he’s worked for over a decade helping photographers translate their film-based photography experience to their work with digital tools.  His Pipeline series of books guides the photographer through the correct systems and processes to assure a safe, high quality and efficient process.  He is the Manager of Imaging Services here at Parrot, working with the Cruse Scanner, the Parrot and Angelica product line development, as well as the Fine Art Reproduction printing Parrot provides and Parrot’s unrivaled technical support and consulting.

Contact Ted here via email, or call at (877) 727-7682.

When Ted’s not fixing pixels, he’s building, writing about and riding electric motorcycles!  Check out his blog, The Electric Chronicles, for a taste of something completely different!

For more info, visit Ted’s profile on LinkedIn.

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