June 22, 2010

Sending the file to the printer- Color Management policies

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There are two places to control the color of an image once you send it to the printer- once in Photoshop’s Print dialog, and again in the printer driver.  Here’s a rundown on the process.

In most cases for color printing you want to allow Photoshop to color-manage the printer, and turn off all controls in the printer’s system drivers.  One of the few exceptions is when you want to use the Advance B/W driver features of the Epson printers…  in those cases you turn the color management over to Epson, and take it away from Photoshop.

Take a look at these videos- the first is showing how to print color, and the second is showing how to use the Advanced B/W driver.

I should note that the color printing process shown here works for many printers, not just Epson. The Photoshop dialog remains the same, in each driver there is some place- you may have to dig around- that you need to turn the driver controls off. It’s very common to see a “Color” tab in the driver, and a selection for “Application Color Management” and “Printer Color Management”. You need to select “Application..” if you see that- indicating the application (Photoshop in this case) will handle color.

Now for a look at Advanced B/W:

-Ted Dillard

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