December 22, 2010

Printing What, You Say? Wallpaper?

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Yes, indeed…  anything you can print on a large inkjet printer you can also print as wallpaper!  Real, live, highest quality wallpaper!

One of our little-known media is a product that’s a bright white, opaque, water resistant, latex reinforced wet strength paper. It has a high white point giving you a wide color gamut similar to many photo-quality media. It’s a matte surface, and it’s water and scratch resistant and will last longer than the wall it’s on… and it can be applied to walls with standard wallpaper paste or adhesive.This media stands up to the highest standards of photo reproduction – yet, is a match for even a premium wallpaper stock.  Except, you create the pattern…

This sample shown is a project we did for a very exclusive interior designer scanned on the Cruse from an irreplaceable vintage fabric fragment.  The homeowner collects historic and vintage textiles, and it was a perfect way to display one of her most cherished pieces without compromising the original…  we can’t wait to see the foyer of the house it’s going up in!

Another project we had was to scan and print an original sample of wallpaper from the 1930s for a child’s nursery- again, a small fragment, now faithfully reproduced and there for generations to appreciate.  In this case the original was a hand-stenciled piece with the actual texture of the paint visible on the paper.  As you’d expect, the Cruse scanner lighting captured every nuance.

Not all our wallpaper projects are vintage historical pieces, though- remember, virtually anything that can be scanned, photographed or rendered digitally can be reproduced this way.  Drawings, photographs, samples, even the work of the artists of the preschool set can create their own, unique patterns!

If this gets your creative juices flowing, let us know, drop us a line.  There are some tricks to putting together a pattern that will hang and match correctly, but we’ve got plenty of experience working out the details.

-Ted Dillard

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