October 1, 2010

Parrot adds High-Res Multi-shot Capture!

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We’ve been known for years for our amazing Cruse scans of paintings and rare, delicate artifacts – even pinball tables – but never before have we had the capability to shoot your complete collections, until now. With the addition of our Hasselblad Multi-shot capture system and a re-tool of our Betterlight cameras, we can now cover every piece of a collection, exhibit or catalog under one roof.  We’ve worked with some of the finest and most cherished flat artifacts for decades now, including the remarkable Giza Pyramids project,  but our experience isn’t limited to just that- our team has years of experience shooting studio photography, artwork, sculpture and jewelry for some of the most demanding clients.

The vase shown here is a exquisite piece shot for the Fitchburg Art Museum from our staff portfolios.  It’s only a small example of the kind of work we can do, as well as a demonstration of what a complete understanding of light and color control can do to create a photograph that is true to the beauty, delicacy and scale of the original artifact.

In many cases you only have one opportunity to have a collection photographed.  It’s crucial that the images represent the originals, and are in a form that represents a true visual archive.  Parrot understands this, and through our work in photography, color management and fine art reproduction, and now with our additional tools, we can cover everything you need in one comprehensive process.

Don’t hesitate to give us a shout for more information:  …and check back, we’re planning an Open Studio to show off our new gear in the coming months!

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