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Parrot Digigraphic, Ltd. :: Premium Displays :: EIZO :: Eizo ColorEdge CG303W 30" LCD, P/N CG303W

  Eizo ColorEdge CG303W 30" LCD, P/N CG303W #23101
Eizo ColorEdge CG303W 30" LCD, P/N CG303W 

Product Details
Weight45.00 lbs
Price: $5,034.00
Manuf#: CG303W
SKU#: 500-093:CG303W
Data Sheet: Download/View PDF


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Work in Comfort with 30" of Screen Space

The 30" screen with its native resolution of 2560 × 1600 gives you more than twice as many pixels to work with as a 20 or 21 inch monitor with a 1600 × 1200 resolution. Open up your image editing applications and work in comfort without having to worry about your windows and palettes overlapping.

Hardware Calibration for Better Color

CG303W ColorEdge monitors offer hardware calibration which means color settings are adjusted inside the monitor so there is no displayable loss of tonalities. This produces more predictable results and ensures color display is much more uniform between ColorEdge units.

Simple and Precise Calibration with ColorNavigator

ColorNavigation iconThe bundled ColorNavigator software makes calibration both simple and quick. Just input target values for brightness, white point, and gamma. ColorNavigator works with a wide range of measurement devices to directly utilize the monitor's look-up table and create an ICC profile within minutes. What's more, you can always download the latest version of ColorNavigator for free here on eizo.com.

Wide Color Gamut

Color reproduction areaThe monitor reproduces 98% of the Adobe RGB color space so it can display most colors in a digital photo taken in Adobe RGB mode. Furthermore, it also has an sRGB mode to accurately reproduce colors in this narrower but commonly used color space, such as those seen on web pages or digital photos taken in sRGB mode.

10-Bit Simultaneous Display

10-Bit Simultaneous DisplayThe ColorEdge CG303W employs a 12-bit look-up table with a color palette of 68 billion colors from which the most appropriate 16.7 million (8 bits) are displayed. What’s more, this monitor displays 10-bit color* which is more than 1 billion colors shown simultaneously. This is 64 times greater than the 16.7 million colors of 8-bit display. The result is even smoother color gradations and noticeably reduced Delta-E between two adjacent colors.

*A graphics board and software which support 10-bit output are necessary for 10-bit display.

16-Bit Internal Processing

With most LCD monitors, the black level is usually too bright which leads to banding and washing out of dark grays. 16-bit internal processing allows the monitor to reproduce a high level of detail in dark areas.

Error Rate

Flexible Screen Positioning

The stand lets you set the screen to the optimum viewing position with 82 mm height adjustment, 40° tilt, and 70° swivel. It also pivots 90° for changing to portrait mode.

Brightness and Color Uniformity with DUE

Fluctuations in brightness and chroma on different parts of the screen is a common trait of LCD monitors. To counteract this, monitor incorporates a digital uniformity equalizer (DUE). DUE utilizes the monitor's 12-bit look-up table with an extensive palette of 4,081 grayscale tones for each R, G, and B, and internal calculation accuracy of 16-bits. This ensures a Delta-E difference of 3 or less across the screen (except in the corners) when the monitor leaves the factory.

DUE chart

Factory Adjustment of Gamma

To ensure that each ColorEdge monitor produces the most accurate and consistent color gradations possible, EIZO carefully measures and sets every shade of R, G, and B from 0 − 255 on the production line with the monitor's 12-bit Look-Up Table, to produce a monitor gamma value of 2.2. Should the user prefer a different value, ColorNavigator software can be used to set the gamma value from a range of 1.0 up to 2.6 in increments of 0.1.


Verification Documents Included
Click image to see
certificates (PDF) >>

EIZO stands behind the quality of the ColorEdge series by including two verification documents with each monitor. One document verifies the uniformity on 25 points across the screen while the other certifies that all 256 color tones on the gamma curve were individually adjusted at the factory.

Brightness Stabilization From the Minute You Turn It On

An EIZO-patented drift correction sensor quickly stabilizes the brightness level after startup or coming out of power saving mode. Furthermore, the monitor detects and compensates for brightness changes caused by surrounding temperatures and the passage of time.

Color Vision Deficiency Simulation

To avoid creating inconveniences and even dangers for those with color vision deficiency, care must be taken when choosing color schemes for everyday items such as maps, road signs, web sites, and power indicator lights. This monitor can instantly simulate how still and moving images appear to people with two types of red-green (protanopia and deuteranopia) and one type of blue-yellow (tritanopia) color vision deficiency.

Original Mode Protanope Mode Deuteranope Mode Tritanope Mode
Commitment to Quality

While outsourcing production is now common practice in the monitor industry, EIZO continues to manufacture its products the same way it has throughout its 40 year history – with its own staff at its own factories. This allows EIZO to keep close control over production quality and offer the industry's only 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Customer Assurance

A five-year warranty offers a long service life, and compliance with leading industry standards such as TCO Displays 5.0 and TÜV Ergonomics ensures a better working environment. It also fulfills Fogra's Monitor PreCert Class A criteria for monitors to be used in FograCert Softproofing Systems.

5 year Warranty TCO 5.0 TUV/Ergonomics Energy Star


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EIZO ColorEdge CG303W



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